Column: CAD Manager
Make Your CAD Resolutions Stick, Part 1   27 Jan, 2010

Getting everyone in a department to abide by standards takes more than determination — it takes a strategy.More>>

New Year, New Resolutions for CAD Managers   13 Jan, 2010

Determining to eat better and get more exercise is a good start, but don't stop there. In 2010, resolve to be proactive and organized in the office, too.More>>

Survey: CAD Managers Reveal Effects of the Economy, Part 2   28 Oct, 2009

The current economic downturn has affected every aspect of life as a CAD manager. The areas of significant change include workloads, billable hours, and department budgets. More>>

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Survey: CAD Managers Reveal Effects of the Economy, Part 1   14 Oct, 2009

According to the mini-survey of CAD managers struggling with current economic conditions, times are tough: pay cuts and layoffs are common, but healthy workloads are not.More>>

How Can I Motivate Myself?   23 Sep, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Layoffs and other economic stresses can make the workplace a gloomy one — and make CAD managers depressed. Here are some tips to get you engaged in your job again.More>>

What's the BIM Deal? Part 3   23 Sep, 2009

From users to IT to senior management, everyone in your company has their own expectations about BIM implementation. Communication, training, and planning will increase your chances of success and minimize the number of unhappy campers. More>>

What's the BIM Deal? Part 2   9 Sep, 2009

Readers are curious about building information modeling: Is it a reality yet? Will it change how contractors collaborate with architects? How can companies prepare to implement it? More>>

CAD Management in a Continuing Recession, Part 3   12 Aug, 2009

Whether they're located in the United States or New Zealand — which is faring better than the U.S. during this crisis — the recession is forcing CAD managers to evaluate their methods to get more done with fewer resources.More>>

Redefine Priorities to Survive Tough Times (CAD Manager Column)   2 Feb, 2009

Weather the recession with hard work and sharp skills.More>>

CAD Manager's Survey 2008 (CAD Manager Column)   1 Nov, 2008

Salaries increase while full-time positions and authority decline.More>>

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