Column: CAD Manager
CAD Management as Overhead   23 Jun, 2010

Not everyone agreed with the advice on how to bill CAD management duties during this economy. A project manager's backlash spurs clarification and further advice. More>>

CAD Management in a New Economy, Part 2   9 Jun, 2010

Evaluate whether the outlook for your company is improving and cope with changing demands at work.More>>

CAD Management in a New Economy, Part 1   26 May, 2010

CAD managers report that the economic recession has wrought changes in their companies — and their jobs. More>>

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Programming for CAD Managers, Part 3   12 May, 2010

Learn how to create command shortcuts with this simple introduction to AutoLISP.More>>

Programming for CAD Managers, Part 2   28 Apr, 2010

Getting started with programming is easier than you think — try out these practice projects and get some real work done in the process.More>>

Programming for CAD Managers, Part 1   14 Apr, 2010

By honing your skills, you can create solutions customized to the needs of your users and increase your value as a CAD manager.More>>

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Get Your Users to Help You   10 Mar, 2010

An efficient work environment requires communication and effort on the part of users, not just CAD managers. Here's how to get the conversation started. More>>

Win Over Your Users   24 Feb, 2010

As a CAD manager, putting in the extra effort required to communicate clearly with your users, understand their needs, and become their advocate will pay off for them — and for you.More>>

Make Your CAD Resolutions Stick, Part 2   10 Feb, 2010

Following up on your BIM-based plans for 2010 requires strategy, research, and a lot of testing.More>>

Make Your CAD Resolutions Stick, Part 1   27 Jan, 2010

Getting everyone in a department to abide by standards takes more than determination — it takes a strategy.More>>

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