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Looking Back at Autodesk University 2012 Reveals What's Ahead for CAD Managers   12 Dec, 2012

Conversations at the annual user conference indicate that priorities are shifting to project profitability. More>>

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The Amazing Billable CAD Manager   29 Nov, 2012

Tie your time to projects and reduce your overhead.More>>

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When Should You Replace Old Hardware and Software?   14 Nov, 2012

The cost of replacing outdated tools is substantial, and management often uses it as a reason to delay upgrades. But you're also paying a price by continuing to rely on those clunkers.More>>

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Establish a Training Program for Your CAD Users, Part 2   24 Oct, 2012

You've gotten the go-ahead from management; now it's time to gather supplies and locate the right training venue.More>>

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Establish a Training Program for Your CAD Users, Part 1   10 Oct, 2012

You could be doing more to help your users — and yourself — with training that prevents repeated mistakes.More>>

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Improve Your Job Security with Weekly CAD Management Reports   26 Sep, 2012

If your senior management team doesn't understand the extent of what you do, they'll undervalue you. Keep them fully informed with concise summaries of your activities.More>>

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CAD Managers Resist Social Media Infiltration   12 Sep, 2012

Reader feedback indicates serious concerns about the impact of incorporating access to social media tools in CAD applications.More>>

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Does Social Media Belong in CAD Applications?   8 Aug, 2012

It's time for a reality check. Social media has its place — but that place is not in your users' CAD software.More>>

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CAD: Just Another Tool in Your Toolbox   30 Jul, 2012

Think of your job as managing the design process — not the design tools — and you’ll be poised for success.More>>

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Update Your CAD Management Plan    11 Jul, 2012

Is your office in the midst of a summertime slowdown? Don't twiddle your thumbs — use that downtime to evaluate tasks, problems, and your methods of coping with them. More>>

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