Column: MCAD Modeling
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MCAD Modeling Methods: Design Optimization   16 Aug, 2004

Optimization for part and systems design in today's mechanical CAD applications relieves designers from the burden of examining multiple iterations of a part to achieve a desired specification and to perform systems-level problem solving.More>>

MCAD MODELLING METHODS: Human Factors Engineering   1 Jul, 2004

Virtual prototyping boosts safety, comfort, and ergonomics.More>>

MCAD Design Collaboration   1 Jun, 2004

Tools and tips for connecting design teamsMore>>

Virtual Parts and Online Catalogs   17 May, 2004

Don?t reinvent the wheel. Use these online services to find parts and suppliers.More>>

Barriers to Model Exchange   11 Apr, 2004

You know the drill. You need to exchange models with another designer, but you use different CAD systems. Why is this so hard?More>>

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FEA Automates Analysis   1 Mar, 2004

The latest crop of FEA (finite-element analysis) tools breaks new ground with MCAD applications. No longer the cryptic, lumbering, budget-busting software of the 1980s, FEA now offers ease of use, tight integration, and a host of simulation and automation features. No, this is definitely not your...More>>

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PDM Manages MCAD Data   1 Feb, 2004

This month we focus on PDM (product data management) and how it helps you manage the design data explosion that's occurring in your engineering departments. I'm sure you've noticed that every viable MCAD offering today either has an add-on PDM application or provides one with the base package.More>>

When Surfaces and Solids Collide   1 Jan, 2004

Welcome to my updated column, Modeling Methods. Each month I'll dig deeper into the methods that today's mechanical CAD applications use to help product designers be more creative and productive in what they do best.More>>

Interoperability Testing   1 Dec, 2003

Interoperability testing evaluates information exchanged between two specific CAD systems and the ability of each system to use such information.More>>

lost in translation   1 Dec, 2003

Understand data loss and how to avoid it.More>>

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