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MCAD Tech News (#336)   10 Jan, 2013

Switch to Direct Modeling Speeds Furniture Maker's CAD Workflow: Kimball International moves to Solid Edge with synchronous technology and gains shorter design times and simplified reuse of legacy data.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#294)   9 Jan, 2013

Improve CAD Production Quality by Annoying Your Users, Part 1: If the "carrot" of reward doesn't elicit the response you're looking for, carefully chosen annoyances can serve as the "stick" that improves employee behavior. More>>

GIS Tech News (#118)   19 Dec, 2012

On iMapGeo, Geospatial Professionals Share Real-World Stories: New community portal from Trimble delivers first-hand accounts of people overcoming day-to-day challenges.More>>

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