GIS Tech News (#109)    16 Nov, 2011

The Role of GIS in the Smart Grid: As two-way communications enhance dialogue between power consumers and suppliers, network operators are beginning to require location as a standard for effective system management. More>>

HP_WIN_AEC-MFG_2011-11-15   15 Nov, 2011

HP Workstation Innovation News, AEC/MFG Edition, November 15, 2011: Rugged Mobile WorkstationsMore>>

MCAD Tech News (#318)   10 Nov, 2011

First Look Review: TurboViewer. Use this handy app to view 2D and 3D DWG files on your iPad or iPhone.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#272)   9 Nov, 2011

What CAD Cloud? Latest CAD Manager's Survey verifies that CAD in the cloud, for the most part, isn't happening yet.More>>

Cadalyst and ARX Webcast: Digital Signatures for AEC   8 Nov, 2011

John Marchioni, GM and VP of business development at ARX, developers of the CoSign digital signature technology, explains the basics of digital signatures and how they can increase security and efficiency for the AEC workflow. More>>

AEC Tech News (#307)   3 Nov, 2011

Supertall buildings get boost from BIM; TurboViewer enables DWG viewing on iOS devices; AEC events; and more. More>>

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CAD Cartoon   1 Nov, 2011

Check out the latest CAD Cartoon from Roger Penwill and Cadalyst.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#271)    26 Oct, 2011

Your Own Private CAD Cloud: Too worried about data security and service stability to take advantage of Internet-based computing? Put those concerns aside by building a low-cost, in-house network.More>>

HP_WIN_AEC-MFG_2011-10-25   25 Oct, 2011

HP Workstation Innovation News, AEC/MFG Edition, October 25, 2011: Workstation ClustersMore>>

MCAD Tech News (#317)   13 Oct, 2011

Temple Team Captures 3D Data to Craft Traditional Hindu Sculpture: Using laser scanning to create a CAD model of a sacred bull makes a mammoth custom manufacturing project more manageable.More>>

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