Q&A Series: Autodesk Subscription, Part 3   23 Sep, 2009

Do I need to have all my Autodesk licenses on subscription or can I cover a limited number?More>>

AEC Tech News (#257)   17 Sep, 2009

Choosing wide-format printing systems to streamline workflows; answering reader questions about BIM; AEC events; and more.More>>

Penny Holland headshot   17 Sep, 2009

Penny HollandMore>>

GIS Tech News (#86)   16 Sep, 2009

Drawing Connections between GIS and Design: Wacom's pen display technology supports geodesign tools in ESRI's ArcGIS 9.4.More>>

Cadalyst logo Article
Welcome to the New    3 Aug, 2009

Cadalyst introduces a revamped web site boasting a new, cleaner design and improved navigation and functionality for visitors. More>>

CAD Management in a Continuing Recession, Part 2   22 Jul, 2009

I've asked a couple of my industry colleagues to respond to some questions related to CAD management in this economy. Lynn Allen, technical evangelist for Autodesk, and Nigel Davies, owner of Evolve Consultancy, comment on the job market for CAD managers, opportunities for cost savings, and more.More>>

Restarting CAD Licenses and Subscriptions (CAD Manager's Toolbox)   22 Jul, 2009

Some companies have had to abandon some of their CAD licenses or stop subscription contracts as a result of the poor economy. Readers wonder what will happen later, when business picks up and they want to put the abandoned licenses back in use.More>>

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Learn Synchronous Technology at Your Own Pace ("On the Edge" Solid Edge Tutorial)   8 Jul, 2009

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology provides a fast and flexible design alternative to traditional history-based CAD systems and allows precise dimension-driven control and design automation not found in explicit modelers. Choose the proper template in Solid Edge to complete existing designs in...More>>

CAD Management in a Continuing Recession, Part 1   8 Jul, 2009

I've been receiving a lot of e-mail from CAD managers about the poor economy, and I want to focus on their economic and career questions in the next few installments. I'll be interviewing industry experts from around the globe so I can share a variety of opinions in addition to my own.More>>