Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 2, No. 18)   25 Sep, 2017

Learn how to manage AutoCAD's object snap behavior as it relates to hatch patterns and extension lines; register for Robert Green's upcoming webinar; and more.More>>

CAD Manager’s Guide to the AutoCAD–MicroStation Transition Sponsored
CAD Manager’s Guide to the AutoCAD–MicroStation Transition    25 Sep, 2017

Get a realistic perspective of what’s involved in the move, the resources and support available to ease the process, and how MicroStation can actually make your job easier in the long run. More>>

CAD Tech News (#72)   22 Sep, 2017

Siemens PLM Software pushes toward its goal of software support for the Digital Factory; Alex Herrera explains the importance of the infrastructure between virtual workstations and end clients.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#391)   13 Sep, 2017

What are the fundamental responsibilities common to all CAD managers, and how are new technological developments affecting those responsibilities?More>>

Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 2, No. 17)   11 Sep, 2017

Diving deeper into the Undo command in AutoCAD; bringing CAD designs into virtual reality; and more.More>>

Move Past the AutoCAD Ties that Bind Sponsored
Move Past the AutoCAD Ties That Bind   11 Sep, 2017

You’ve invested a lot in your CAD software -- but don’t let that cloud the reality that it’s time to consider other options. More>>

CAD Tech News (#71)   7 Sep, 2017

The new 28-core Skylake processors shake up the workstation market; using CAD, VR, and more technologies to plan for life on Mars; and more.More>>

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MicroStation Maxine: Questions & Answers   6 Sep, 2017

MicroStation Maxine responds to reader questions about switching from AutoCAD to Bentley Systems' MicroStationMore>>

Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 2, No. 16)   28 Aug, 2017

Learn about the many options in AutoCAD's Undo command; watch selected sessions from SIGGRAPH 2017; and more.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#390)    23 Aug, 2017

Learn about three bright spots in the uncertain future of CAD in the cloud.More>>

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