Cabin Fever: Log Homes Popular 100 Years Later (Cadalyst Daily Archive)

15 Dec, 2006 By: Doug Graham

Today's custom dwellings dovetail century-old construction methods with modern know-how and technology

Success Story

Custom, high-end, post-and-beam log home construction: It's a niche within a niche in the building industry. Yet, the allure of such dwellings -- majestic, natural and nestled in a beautiful backdrop -- keeps the trade alive. But custom log home building isn't an easy endeavor. It requires knowledge of century-old construction techniques married with modern building savvy -- and a dose of technology to keep things moving.p>

Even the most experienced builders need assistance when it comes to upscale log homes. The post-and-beam home, an increasingly popular choice for high-end timber frame designs, is a far stretch from the traditional stacked log home. The walls of a post-and-beam home are typically framed between the posts, leaving the logs exposed from the inside as well as the outside. Although 80% of an upscale log home reflects the contractor's expertise with contemporary design elements, the 20% of the home that is comprised of the logs themselves is what gives the home its definition and character. Success of this unique and complex construction can depend on the involvement of a master craftsman during planning and throughout the building process.  Read more >>


Informatix Opens Image Competition
MicroGDS and Piranesi users can win Nikon, HP, Nintendo prizes.  Read more >>

Dassault Systemes Adds Corporate Fellow
Researcher Robert L. Taylor to advance technology and methods for ABAQUS. 

SICK STEGMANN Launches Online Catalog
Online, interactive collection of 2D and 3D product models now available for download.  Read more >>

IBM to Create Product Development Integration Framework
PLM and development to become strategic business processes.  Read more >>

Dell and Intel Rebound in Q3
Jon Peddie Research reports improved fortunes in the workstation market. 


AEC: VectorWorks 12.5, Spanish Edition
Nemetschek releases Spanish-language versions of VectorWorks Fundamentals, VectorWorks Architect and RenderWorks 12.5.  Read more >>

MCAD: JetStream 5.2
New NavisWorks release supports DRI format. 

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