CAD Manager's Q&A: Deciding on the Right Training

7 Sep, 2005 By: Robert Green

I have a very limited training budget and want to make the most of it. How can I be sure I’m training the right topics to the right people?

Robert Green responds: Check your e-mail inbox!  You'd be surprised how much information is lurking in there.

I subscribe to the theory that your training program should teach the things that people ask about most often.  You may find that user questions have little to do with new software features and a lot to do with your in-house company procedures and standards.  No matter the content, user questions tell you the things that people are confused about or need help with.  And targeting the problems that affect user productivity should be the focus of any well-crafted training program. 

Two truisms come to mind:

First, when budgets are limited, you need to cut the fat and make sure your training program addresses core needs.  By focusing on those issues that users bring up most, you'll get the biggest bang for your training buck.  Trust me when I say your management will agree with this approach.

Second, your management team may give you a small training budget precisely because it wants to achieve a tighter focus.  If you demonstrate an ability to do more with less while focusing on standards and procedures, you might be rewarded with an expanded training budget in the future.

So as you craft your training program, be mindful of the need to boost employee productivity by delivering focused training that gets results, and make sure your management knows it.  Try it — it works!

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Robert Green

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