CAD Manager's Q&A: Getting Budgets Approved

9 May, 2007 By: Robert Green

I'm having trouble getting my ideas and budgets approved. Are there any tips or tricks you can share that'll make the process easier?

Robert Green replies: Most CAD managers fight the battle of getting their ideas noticed and approved, so don't feel bad if you're having this problem. The key is to not get frustrated by the problem and then to work methodically toward a solution. Here are some helpful hints that generally work:

Talk to your boss more. You'll never get noticed if you don't have face time with your management. So do what it takes to communicate more and communicate better when you do.

Report to your boss more. You can report via email, printed memo or whatever form your boss prefers, but make sure you report at least weekly. The challenge is to be on your boss's radar screen even when you aren't speaking with him or her. A report offers a fast way to get your ideas across.

Be brief. Make sure your reports and conversations cover the core topics you wish to speak about with an economy of words. Your boss is busy and will appreciate the fact that you can keep the conversation brief and on track.

Talk about productivity and savings. Your boss doesn't want to hear about the new software/hardware you want, but rather about how you'll make people more productive and save time. Focus on productivity and savings and I guarantee you'll get management's attention.

Be persistent. None of these tips work like magic, so you'll have to keep at it.

If you use the above tips as a guideline for communicating your ideas and budget items, you'll gain new respect from your management and will find that things get better. It may take six months to a year to see real change, but it will happen if you keep at it.

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