Envisioning New Opportunities (Editor's Window)

1 May, 2008 By: Amy Stankiewicz

Cadalyst introduces two new editorial offerings that explore the implications of technology advancements in our industry.

This month, I've decided to use my editorial space to discuss a couple of new additions we're introducing in the magazine with this issue.

The editors at Cadalyst have been thinking long and hard about ways to engage our print readership beyond our usual product reviews and columns. This month, we're introducing a brand new section that we hope will spur readers to think beyond their daily duties and envision the future of the CAD industry.

Please take a look at our first Viewpoint article, which appears on page 22 in this issue. This new feature is scheduled to run quarterly and will include commentary about the future of CAD and related technologies from thought leaders in the industry. This month, Microsoft's Simon Floyd investigates workstations and how current CAD applications do (and for that matter, do not) capitalize on their power. Simon also provides some interesting scenarios that might make you think more about where hardware technology can go in the future.

Viewpoint also includes a Q&A section, in which I ask that month's author a few questions about a particular topic he or she chooses to explore. This month, Simon explains how CAD users can work with vendors to get the most from their software while keeping an eye on how new capabilities may affect workflow and efficiency in product-development and architecture endeavors.

Another section that appears in this month's issue is titled Today's Reverse Engineering (page 26). This one-time special section is devoted to exploring the ongoing advancement of reverse-engineering technologies, including these products' ever-decreasing cost.

Many small to medium-sized manufacturing companies still think that such technology is beyond their means, but that is no longer true. Cadalyst's Mike Hudspeth highlights a 3D scanner from NextEngine that comes with a price that many of these companies can now afford, and contributing editor Jeff Rowe provides a commentary of the state of the reverse-engineering industry and how this technology is becoming much more within reach of the typical manufacturer.

And should you think reverse engineering is just for manufacturing initiatives, be sure to read Cadalyst Digital Media Editor Gloria Goskie's case study exploring how CRP Technology used such products to research an antique Italian treasure. The Modena synagogue still serves as a monument to freedom and equality for the Jews of Italy.

I'm excited to hear what you think about these new editorial offerings. Because Viewpoint will be a quarterly feature, I'd love to hear from you about not only what you think about Simon's take on workstation technology, but also what other commentary you'd like to see in in upcoming issues.

Drop me a line once you've read this issue and tell me your thoughts. And we'll continue to find ways to engage our readership well beyond today's technology capabilities so that we're all primed for a future of greater opportunities.

About the Author: Amy Stankiewicz

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