First Look Review: MaxonForm for ArchiCAD

6 Apr, 2006 By: Steven S. Ross

Plug-in smoothes the way when designing freeform architectural objects


Want to emulate Frank Gehry? Graphisoft has enhanced ArchiCAD's design functionality with a plug-in that links the architectural design program to a freeform modeler -- MaxonForm. As the name suggests, technology from MAXON, developers of CINEMA 4D, lies at the heart of the new organic tool, which was jointly developed by Graphisoft and MAXON. Known as MaxonForm for ArchiCAD, the plug-in makes your next Gehry-esque design that much easier.

MaxonForm functions as a graphical GDL modeler and editor, customized for architecture. When you're working in ArchiCAD and you want to draw a freeform roof, wall or other object, open the 3D view and, at the bottom of the Tools menu, select MaxonForm. At this point, you can bring in an entire ArchiCAD project or select only the objects you want to work on. Items that you don't select for transfer appear as semitransparent ghosts to help with positioning.  Read more >>p>


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