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23 Apr, 2014 By: Robert Green offers valuable IT information.

If you're like many CAD managers (myself included), you have a solid base of IT knowledge, but you don't have enough time to become an IT expert. Because modern CAD tools require more IT integration for features such as cloud storage and collaboration with remote sites, it really does pay to have a good idea of what IT can do for you — or how it can limit you.

As I strive to stay on top of IT technology, I've found the web site to be a valuable resource. web site

The site's selection of resources is broad and well indexed. I've found useful information in recent months on a variety of topics, from solid-state disk (SSD) specifications to motivating employees to whitepapers on small business technology makeovers. A Ziff Davis property, features pertinent blog posts with the ability to discuss and question the authors, plus a wide variety of whitepapers (most of them sponsored) as well as an e-mail newsletter you can subscribe to.

I've found to be well run, free of spam, and a worthwhile read for CAD managers who want to improve their IT game. Of course, not everything you'll encounter on the site will be relevant to you, but I find it very valuable to scan through its main stories every few days.

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