ITC Introduces IntelliCAD v7.0 Alpha

20 Dec, 2007

Evaluation release provides ITC members with full access to Open Design Alliance's DWGdirect DRX development interface and new graphics subsystem, while inviting feedback as development continues.

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) released IntelliCAD v7.0 Alpha, which uses DWGdirect from the Open Design Alliance as its internal database and provides ITC members with full access to the DWGdirect DRX development interface (an object-oriented C++ application-programming interface).

When asked about the new release, David Lorenzo, ITC development director, said, " Although IntelliCAD 7.0 is not feature complete, the release allows our members to learn more about the new DRX API. The sample DRX applications provided with the Alpha demonstrate how to implement custom objects in IntelliCAD with overrides such as dragging, grip editing, and LIST. Members can review the API, provide feedback, and begin design for new applications while internal development continues to complete the new engine." When completed, IntelliCAD v7.0 reportedly will enhance members' ability to create advanced, specialized vertical applications.

IntelliCAD v7.0 Alpha also includes more than 250 rewritten commands, several of which are now demand-loaded DRX external applications. Features also include UNICODE support, improved paper space functionality, Diesel menu support, object enabler for Autodesk Architecture, improved DWG file format compatibility, and an improved user interface.

ITC states that it plans to release IntelliCAD v7.0 Beta in the second quarter of 2008.

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