Open Design Alliance Rewrites DGNdirect Libraries

6 Dec, 2007

DGNdirect v2.5 Beta interface is similar to ODA's DWGdirect libraries, allowing DGNdirect client applications to use existing DWGdirect capabilities such as ACIS rendering and tessellation.

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) released DGNdirect v2.5 Beta, which reportedly is a full redesign and rewrite of the previous ODA DGNdirect libraries and uses an interface similar to the ODA DWGdirect libraries.

The new version reportedly allows DGNdirect client applications to use existing DWGdirect capabilities, such as ACIS rendering and tessellation, PDF/SVG export, device-specific rendering (GDI/OpenGL/DirectX), and more.

"The latest advances in the DGNdirect libraries are part of our overall plan to deliver high-performing CAD technology to our membership while improving quality and efficiency," said Neil Peterson, ODA's chief technical officer. "The new DGNdirect libraries allow our DGNdirect and DWGdirect engineering teams to share functionality and reduce code duplication, maintenance, and overall project complexity. As part of this effort we have doubled the size of our DGNdirect development team and improved our DGNdirect testing infrastructure, all of which has allowed us to deliver new features faster and further enhance the performance and quality of our libraries."

The initial DGNdirect v2.5 Beta release is for the Microsoft Windows operating system only. Full platform support reportedly will be provided in early 2008. Existing DGNdirect client applications need to be rewritten to take advantage of the new functionality offered in DGNdirect v2.5 Beta.

ODA members can download DGNdirect v2.5 Beta from the ODA Web site.

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