P1130 CRT

1 Sep, 2003 By: Ron LaFon Cadalyst


5 stars out of 5
Highly Recommended One of two monitors in this roundup to earn a five-star rating, the 21"HP P1130 features FD Trinitron technology, offers a 19.8" viewable area, and produces resolutions up to 2048×1536 at 75Hz refresh rate in true color. Dot pitch is a relatively fine 0.24mm.

Hewlett-Packard P1130 CRT
HP’s Highly Recommended P1130 CRT monitor produces resolutions up to 2048×1536 at 75Hz.
Horizontal sync is 30–130KHz, and vertical sync is 50–170Hz. Hewlett-Packard elected to provide the P1130 with a matte silver bezel, which is a mixed blessing. Though it’s easier to locate the control buttons and switches, it can pull your attention away from the display until you get used to it.

Connectivity consists of two D-sub connectors. The P1130 gets good marks for being the least expensive of the large monitors evaluated here. Warranty coverage is a standard three years. The on-screen menu is adequate and provides access to the numerous adjustments available for the display. Control options include five buttons at the bottom center of the front bezel, in addition to an input selector toggle and a power on/off toggle. The HP P1130 weighs in at 67.2lb, about average for CRT displays of this size.

When I tested the HP P1130, it achieved generally excellent scores. The only deduction was for reds that were muted and lacked depth when compared to other colors, though this is a slight quibble that is likely within manufacturing tolerances for the tube. The low price and high-quality display make the HP P1130 an excellent bargain. Highly Recommended.

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