Project Chronicle: Create Video Tutorials With a Twist

22 Jan, 2013 By: Robert Green

CAD Manager’s Toolbox: Free utility from Autodesk Research records CAD workflows and makes them easy to share online.

I'm a big believer in using video technology to communicate training concepts to users, so I've become interested in Project Chronicle from Autodesk Research. This free technology preview is designed to help you capture and share software workflows. It comprises a video recording utility and a web site where you can post the video tutorials you create.

Project Chronicle starts out as a recording utility not unlike popular tools such as Jing or Camtasia, but its functionality goes beyond that, allowing users to capture additional information in the video, such as Second, the utility doesn’t just record the video and voice narration, it also records the actions that are carried out, such as the software commands, settings, and dialog boxes that are used. These events are displayed on an interactive timeline when viewing a tutorial on the web site.

In addition, Chronicle enables users to search the video for commands.

Once you record a video, upload it to your Autodesk 360 cloud account to share publicly or with only those users you specify. The process is blissfully free of the overhead usually required to manage files, and because it is a cloud application, Chronicle doesn't tax your local servers.

Autodesk Project Chronicle web site
Project Chronicle from Autodesk Research comprises a recording utility and cloud-based library for developing and sharing CAD learning resources.

While you’re on the site, check out all the tutorials that are shared publicly!

Chronicle does come with some requirements and limitations, including the following:

  • The Chronicle Recording Utility must be installed.
  • You must have an Autodesk 360 account.
  • Recording/rendering format is not flexible, unlike Camtasia.

All in all, Chronicle is a very interesting tool that will make you think about how video capture can be used for training. I'd recommend that any CAD manager using current versions of AutoCAD or Revit take Chronicle for a test drive. It might change your perceptions about how video could be integrated into your in-house training processes.

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