Q&A Series: Autodesk Subscription, Part 4

18 Oct, 2009 By: Cadalyst Staff

How do I use Previous Version/Home Use? What is it?

This Q&A is part of a series from Cadalyst and Autodesk in which the company answers readers' questions about its software subscription policies. See also the Cadalyst article, As Software Subscriptions Lapse in Down Economy, Autodesk Clarifies Policies.

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Question: How do I use Previous Version/Home Use? What is it?

Answer: "Home Use" is an exclusive license benefit available only to Subscription customers for most Autodesk products. Home use allows Subscription customers to use their licensed Autodesk software at home on a personal computer, as well as in the office, subject to terms and conditions. "Previous Version" is another exclusive license benefit for Autodesk Subscription customers, which allows customers to install and use either the current release or certain previous versions of their licensed software, subject to terms and conditions.

Subscription customers can find more information in the Home Use Agreement, Previous Version Rights Agreement, and Previous Version Eligible Product List, which are all posted under Terms and Conditions in the Program Information section of Subscription Center.

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