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Don’t Be Penny Wise and Workstation Foolish, Part 1   11 Oct, 2017

Professional, powerful CAD workstations are cheap when you realize how much wasted time they can help avoid. Here’s how to determine their true value to your company and make a case to your boss for better equipment.More>>

AutoCAD Video Tips: Dock Palettes for Speedy Access Video
Dock AutoCAD Palettes for Speedy Access   9 Oct, 2017

Join Lynn Allen as she addresses the number-one question she gets about her videos. She’ll also show you how docking palettes for easy access can save you lots of time! More>>

NVIDIA’s Long Game Takes GPU from Graphics Workhorse to AI Powerhouse, Part 2 Article
NVIDIA’s Long Game: The Evolution from GPU Maker to AI Computing Company, Part 2   4 Oct, 2017

Tony Paikeday explains where NVIDIA is taking graphics processing units (GPUs), and where artificial intelligence (AI) will take CAD users.More>>

Master the Details to Manage CAD Project Deadlines Smoothly Article
Master the Details to Manage CAD Project Deadlines Smoothly   27 Sep, 2017

CAD Manager Column: To minimize delays and unpleasant surprises, ask lots of questions — and plan backward.More>>

AutoCAD Video Tips: Snap to Hatch Patterns and Extension Lines Video
Snap to AutoCAD Hatch Patterns and Extension Lines   25 Sep, 2017

If you’ve ever grabbed the endpoint of an extension line rather than the intended object, or wished you could grab the individual objects in a crosshatch pattern, then this tip is for you! Join Lynn Allen as she shows you how to manage the object snap behavior as it relates to hatch patterns and...More>>

Editor's Picks
How CAD Managers Can Work Effectively with the IT Department   24 Feb, 2016

CAD Manager Column: If you strive to understand and educate your company’s IT personnel instead of butting heads, everyone will benefit.more>>

An Open Letter to All CAD Users   28 Oct, 2015

CAD Manager Column: You work with your CAD manager every day, but do you really understand how he or she can help you with your workload — and vice versa?more>>

Task Management Spreadsheet   23 Sep, 2015

CAD Manager’s Toolbox: Sample spreadsheet helps you track your management tasks and create priority lists.more>>



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