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A Design Tour of the HP Z2 Mini, Part 2   27 Apr, 2017

The project’s lead mechanical engineer discusses the achievements — and the challenges — of designing the world's smallest workstation.More>>

CAD Manager by Robert Green Article
Your Training Wake-Up Call, Part 2   26 Apr, 2017

Instructor-led, remote, one-on-one — all types of training have their own requirements, so it’s crucial to learn the differences.More>>

HP Rounds Out Line of New ZBook Mobile Workstations Article
HP Rounds Out Line of New ZBook Mobile Workstations   24 Apr, 2017

Fourth-generation models described as most secure to date; ZBook 17 G4 can be configured for virtual reality. More>>

Mind the Gap in AutoCAD! Video
Mind the Gap in AutoCAD!   24 Apr, 2017

Snapping to gaps in linetypes in AutoCAD used to be impossible — until the amazing system variable LTGAPSELECTION came along! In this video from Cadalyst and Lynn Allen, you’ll see how to finally snap to the gap after all these years.More>>

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A Design Tour of the HP Z2 Mini, Part 1   21 Apr, 2017

The world’s smallest workstation weaves feats of engineering with industrial design panache, incorporating desktop and mobile computing elements without a single visual compromise.More>>

Editor's Picks
How CAD Managers Can Work Effectively with the IT Department   24 Feb, 2016

CAD Manager Column: If you strive to understand and educate your company’s IT personnel instead of butting heads, everyone will benefit.more>>

An Open Letter to All CAD Users   28 Oct, 2015

CAD Manager Column: You work with your CAD manager every day, but do you really understand how he or she can help you with your workload — and vice versa?more>>

Task Management Spreadsheet   23 Sep, 2015

CAD Manager’s Toolbox: Sample spreadsheet helps you track your management tasks and create priority lists.more>>


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CADspeed Blog
Building Toward BIM, Part 2   14 Mar, 2016

A small firm’s transition from AutoCAD to Autodesk Revit LT wasn’t a piece of cake — but it has paid big dividends. By Cameron...More>>Read all CADspeed blog posts>>

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