Cadalyst Labs Review: OneSpace Designer Modeling 2005   1 Mar, 2005

Article By : Jeffrey Rowe

CoCreate's product eliminates the history tree found in many 3D modeling programs. This latest version adds new 3D curve creation tools and more.More>>

First Look Review: Canvas 9 Professional Edition-Multifaceted Design Illustration   1 Mar, 2005

Article By : Ron LaFon

There's much to be said for an all-in-one approach, and Canvas 9 says it well.More>>

First Look: @XI 4000+ MTOWER 64-SLI   1 Feb, 2005

Article By : Ron LaFon

We Recently Needed to test two new PCI Express graphics cards, the Quadro FX 4400 from NVIDIA and the ATI FireGL V7100, so @Xi Computer sent us a prototype of its Xi 4000+ MTower 64-SLI system to use. The Xi 4000+ MTower 64-SLI is a dual PCI Express SLI-capable system. By changing the orientation...More>>

First Look: NVIDIA QUADRO FX 4400   1 Feb, 2005

Article By : Ron LaFon

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 4400 is likely to be the PCI express card to beat, at least for the foreseeable future.More>>

LCDs--Are They Ready to Replace CRTs?   1 Feb, 2005

Article By : Ron LaFon

These days an overwheming number of flat-panel LCD monitors are available, with each vendor offering multiple models. Though costs have dropped somewhat, they are not yet so low that these sophisticated displays are flying off vendors' shelves.More>>

First Look: ATI FIREGL V7100   1 Feb, 2005

Article By : Ron LaFon

The ATI FIREGL V7100 is the most powerful offering in ATI's Visualization series of PCI Express graphics cards, but its performance places it in the midrange of workstation graphics cards. Announced in June 2004, V7100 cards just recently became available.More>>

Bargain Buys-7 CAD Packages to Stretch the Budget   1 Jan, 2005

Article By : Ron LaFon

Cadalyst Labs checks out CAD programs that deliver impressive capabilities for less than $600More>>

First Look: Shade 7 Standard   1 Jan, 2005

Article By : Ron LaFon

Design, rendering and animation software.More>>

Vault 3 Locks Up Drawing Management   1 Jan, 2005

Article By : Bill Fane

Free tool provides basic file controls.More>>

ALGOR InCAD Designer/SolidWorks   1 Jan, 2005

Article By : Joe Greco

Flexible FEA program supports mixed elements to speed up analysis.More>>

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