Premier Products   15 Dec, 2004

Article By : Sara Ferris

Cadalyst's Top Product Picks for 2004More>>

Alibre Design 8.0   1 Nov, 2004

Article By : Don LaCourse

Alibre design is alibre's flagship product-a 3D parametric solid modeler with integrated online colllaboration tools that sells for far less than comparable applications.More>>

UGS NX 3   1 Nov, 2004

Article By : Joe Greco

A number of differences separate the so-called midrange mechanical CAD products from the high-end applications, and one that's often overlooked is how they evolved.More>>

Extreme Speed-Six Workstations Push the Limits   1 Nov, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

The systems submitted for this roundup are the most varied I've seen in one of our roundups for some time: AGP-based systems, PCI Express systems, single-processor workstations, and dual-processor systems. One vendor submitted a workstation for the first time-Alienware, a familiar name in the...More>>

COSMOSWorks 2005   1 Nov, 2004

Article By : Jeffrey Rowe

COSMOSWorks is a design analysis automation application integrated into SolidWorks. It employs the finite element method for performing FEA (finite element analysis). It simulates the working conditions of SolidWorks models and predicts their physical behavior.More>>

First Look: AutoVUE Solid Model Professional V18   1 Nov, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

Cimmetry systems released V18 of its AutoVue family of applications: AutoVue displays and prints 2D CAD, raster, vector, and office document files; AutoVue Professional adds markup and real-time collaboration to AutoVue; AutoVue SolidModel adds support for 3D CAD and EDA (electronic design...More>>

CFDesign   1 Oct, 2004

Article By : Joe Greco

The goal of every product design company is to shorten the time it takes to go from art to part. A crucial portion of any product development cycle is when design engineers send a model to the analysis department. Frequently there are a number of iterations, and the development cycle is lengthened...More>>

AutoCAD Electrical 2005   1 Oct, 2004

Article By : Bill Fane

All reviews, articles, and press releases about AutoCAD Electrical seem to start in the same way, saying something like, "If you design electrical control systems, you need AutoCAD Electrical." Well, they're correct.More>>

VX CAD/CAM v10   1 Oct, 2004

Article By : Don LaCourse

VX CAD/CAM is known for its ability to import and heal advanced surface data from other 3D CAD applications, a fact that has helped it find a niche in industrial design, mold making, and CAM applications in particular. Version 10 builds on this foundation with new global shape deformation...More>>

Take the Graphics Card Express   1 Oct, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

It's transition time! The introduction of PCI Express graphics cards and the systems that accommodate them has produced a wave of new technology, the breadth of which I've not seen for quite some time.More>>

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