First Looks: Design Extension for 3ds max   1 May, 2003

Article By : Ron LaFon

When Discreet's 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ diverged as products, 3ds max evolved its core modeling, animation, and rendering features with additional capabilities specific to game design and film and video effects while VIZ offered AEC-oriented features.More>>

CAMMJET CJ-500   1 May, 2003

Article By : Michael Lennox

The Roland CAMMJET CJ-500 is not only a printer-it's a sign-making machine that prints, cuts, and plots.More>>

SolidWorks 2003?Parts power   1 Apr, 2003

Article By : Jeffrey Rowe

SolidWorks 2003 is proof positive that CAD products can work out of the box as advertised.More>>

First Looks: Contex Crystal Tx 400   1 Mar, 2003

Article By : Michael Lennox

The Contex Crystal Tx 400 wide-format scanner impresses with features that not only enable excellent scanning results, but also make it easy to use.More>>

Pro/E Wildfire: Intuitive, scalable   1 Feb, 2003

Article By : Mark Huxley

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, the latest mechanical CAD offering from PTC, represents the twenty-fourth major release of the software that shook the CAD world in the late 1980s.More>>

WILDCAT4 7110   1 Feb, 2003

Article By : Ron LaFon

The 3Dlabs Wildcat4 7110 is a full-length, double-width AGP 8X graphics card that not all systems can accommodate.More>>

WILDCAT VP970   1 Feb, 2003

Article By : Ron LaFon

The Wildcat VP970 is the newest and most capable of a family of four midrange graphics cards from 3Dlabs.More>>

Inventor 6 strengthens surfaces   1 Jan, 2003

Article By : Bill Fane

Autodesk Inventor Release 6 is the seventh release in just three years (don't forget R5.3) and is billed as the "biggest" since Release 1 in terms of new or improved features.More>>

SolidWorks 2001Plus beefs up assembly capabilities   1 Apr, 2002

Article By : Jeffrey Rowe

Across-the-board improvements make SolidWorks 2001Plus a major release.More>>

SolidWorks 2001   1 Jun, 2001

Article By : Jeffrey Rowe

SolidWorks 2001 FeaturesMore>>