Curvy Text (Avatech Tricks Tutorial)

1 Oct, 2007 By: Fred Washington

Create embossed text along an arc in Inventor.

Several users have asked for an easy way to create text along a curve in Autodesk Inventor. Some have tried setting up sketches using construction geometry, patterning sketch points, and the like. One method that's quick and simple is to use the Arctext tool in AutoCAD -- either the AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical profile in Mechanical Desktop.

Start AutoCAD and create the layers for the arc and text objects. For this example, create two layers: Construction and Text.

Create two layers: Construction and Text.

Create an arc of the appropriate size and orientation on the construction layer. Switch to the Text layer and start the Arctext command via Express / Text / Arc-Aligned Text. Select the arc and set the appropriate options for the text style, height, offsets, etc. Next, type your text string and click OK.

Enter your text and click OK.

Place a copy of the text above the original and explode it. Copy the exploded version to the Windows clipboard and switch to Inventor.

Copy exploded text.

I use the exploded version because the letters sometimes shift around when pasted into an Inventor sketch as an Arcalignedtext object. By leaving the original intact, I can repeat the process if I need to change the text.

Paste the text into a sketch.

Paste the text into a sketch.

Exit the sketch and use the Emboss tool to make the text a 3D feature.

The Emboss tool makes the text a 3D feature.

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