Microdesk Becomes Adobe Reseller

1 Jul, 2008

Consultant will offer Photoshop training to AEC professionals.

Microdesk announced today it has partnered with Adobe and will begin selling and offering training in Photoshop to architects, interior designers, engineers, in addition to their associated marketing and advertising firms as part of its suite of design process applications and services.

According to Microdesk solution specialist Oliver D. Smith, the company sees synergies between design and rendering applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, and Photoshop. "We recognized that many design firms struggle to show their concepts to their clients as accurately and efficiently as possible. That's why we've devised a set of courses that will enable all levels of users to go from various design platforms such as AutoCAD and Revit to rendering programs such as 3DS Max and VIZ Render and further enhance graphics through Photoshop to create more vibrant, realistic images," Smith said.

According to Smith, these classes will also be offered to associated advertising and marketing firms, helping bridge the gap between these firms and the AEC industry. "Marketing people have many of the same challenges that architectural designers do: making their graphics files as realistic, accurate, and flexible as possible, able to be used across a variety of applications and platforms," said Smith.

To address these architectural and marketing needs, Microdesk has developed a set of one-day training courses for all levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced user. Named after classic Greek and Roman architectural column designs, they include the following:

  • Doric: For beginners, this introductory course to Photoshop shows users the basics from the interface, various palettes, keyboard shortcuts, color adjustment, shadows, highlights, to image size and resolution, replacing, retouching, and editing.

  • Ionic: This course goes beyond the basics to cover Photoshop topics ranging from masking essentials, sharpening, and layer essentials, to group and layer composition, opacity and blend modes, and creating/editing text.

  • Corinthian: Designed for advanced users, this class provides practical insights into Photoshop's full capabilities, including layer effects/styles, vector-based shapes, use of adjustment layers, smart objects, smart filters, as well as recording and playing actions.

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