SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ to Ship Next Week

9 Nov, 2007

Scheduled for availability starting November 15, new version reportedly will deliver advanced file-open and modification capabilities for concept design, engineering analysis, and manufacturing.

SpaceClaim announced the upcoming availability of SpaceClaim Professional 2007+, which reportedly will deliver advanced file-open and modification capabilities for concept design, engineering analysis, and manufacturing.

Available starting November 15, SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ will feature the ability to open, modify, and create sheet metal parts, work with lightweight assemblies, drive 3D modifications via 2D sections, add and modify driving dimensions, and integrate with CAD-neutral partner applications. These new capabilities reportedly will allow the extended development team to import and work with the designer's model without having to understand the method used to construct it.

The 3D section modification reportedly will provide a familiar way to modify a model for those who are more comfortable working in 2D. A virtual cross-section can be placed anywhere within a part or assembly, and changes to the 3D model can be made by pulling an edge or vertices. Lightweight assemblies for retrieval of large assemblies will allow users to select assembly components as needed for full retrieval and modification. Changes can be made in context of the full design, reducing the likelihood of component interference and assembly mismatch.

Electrical CAD (ECAD) integration will support data exchange with ECAD systems for printed circuit board design, and users will be able to import IDF and Mentor PADS file formats, automatically generating 3D board and component models, according to the company. Advanced geometry features in the new release will include the ability to create and modify bounded blends, helical surfaces, and standard shapes (hexagons). Additional drawing capabilities will include more view types, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, annotations, and associative notes for improved documentation and communication.

SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ adds support for Adobe Acrobat 3D v8, ANSYS Gambit and ANSYS Workbench products, and the Rhinoceros 3DM file format. A development application programming interface (API) will be provided with SpaceClaim Professional 2007+ for clients to integrate their internal applications. Third-party developers also can make use of the API after signing a standard Developers Agreement.

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