Professional Hardware: The Key to Success for 3D Design

Since mechanical designers and manufacturing engineers typically earn $50-$150K per year, and the solutions they develop are often worth millions, providing them with professional workstations only makes sense.  

In this webinar, you learn exactly how:

  • Faster rendering & analysis times ensure better design solutions and lower production costs.  Every project you undertake has a time frame and a budget.  How much of a designer’s time can you afford to invest in downtime? What do equipment-related delays really cost your business?
  • Standardised computer hardware translates directly into lower administration and support costs.  Faster installations, smaller support staffs, quicker repairs, reduced training time, lower cost upgrades...Can your company afford not to make the investment in professional design equipment?
  • Standard configuration options for many design disciplines, point and click ordering, and significant discounts on even low volume orders mean reduced provisioning & project costs.  This reduces equipment costs on an annual and a per project basis, and it makes capital investments easier to track over time.
  • Working with a systems provider specializing in state of the art design & manufacturing systems increases return on investment in professional equipment easier.  Trying to buy and assemble computer systems for designers and engineers on an ad-hoc, bargin-bin price basis results in higher support costs and greater downtime.  Real-world metrics always demonstrate that a professional design solution costs less and delivers more that systems assembled on the fly from multiple suppliers.

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