10 million friends, with over 100 million things designed in Tinkercad

Tinkercad hits 10 million users!!!!!
Imagine all the people of all ages that have gained an understanding of 3D and making things in a few short years. Nothing short of amazing. Congratulations to the Tinkercad team and the 10 million users aka friends!

Here is a great letter from Guillermo Melantoni and Sarah O'Rourke marking this major milestone.

10M trio 2

Hello Everyone,

Almost five years ago Autodesk acquired Tinkercad. We definitely saw its potential. A very well polished user experience with easy onboarding, few tools that provided more power than imaginable, and a fantastic emerging community of early adopters.

Five years later, we NOW have an incredibly strong community of over 10 million friends, with over 100 million things designed in Tinkercad. Those are not just great numbers. They are a testimony of how kids and people of all ages are embracing the ability to design and make something. Understanding that there is a very simple tool that can take whatever is on their mind into a design in minutes is pretty amazing.

That was not an easy path. We had our dark moments (October 2014, anyone?), but these were far outweighed by the many inspiring success stories. Understanding the impact on our community is the main driver that gets us to work every day.

If it were not for Tinkercad, we could not have had the chance to sit at a table and listen to two teenagers discuss patents and challenges when discussing licensing of their products (designed in Tinkercad) with retail stores. Or help at the first Makerspace on a juvenile detention center and see the level of engagement. Or talk about design and design thinking to a township in South Africa. Or hear about Tinkercad being used at a refugee camp in Greece. Or get so many amazing stories from teachers from all across the globe about how they use Tinkercad in a makerspace, in a history class, in a biology class. Oh yes – Tinkercad is not constrained to a makerspace. The storytelling is just emerging.

So what’s next?
You have seen how Tinkercad expanded into the design and simulation of circuits, and how some of those circuits are making their way into the 3D world. You may have seen the use of code blocks for programming Arduinos.

The Tinkercad team would love to thank each and every one that has signed up for an account, created something, shared their ideas, fabricated a design and became and advocate on this amazing journey where we try to provide the best tools that can help you imagine, design and make a better world. There can’t be a better job than this. Your enthusiasm, your inspiring stories and our interactions with all of you in social media or events are our constant source of inspiration and strength.

We hope you will all stay with us on this amazing journey, and don’t forget to bring more friends! If you want to share this on your social networks we would love it too!

Who's got 10Million friends? That's right @Tinkercad does!
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Happy Tinkering,

Guillermo & Sarah