107 Degrees in Portland Oregon

I am working from home today as Oregon prepares to melt from the record breaking heat today of a predicted 105-109 degrees Fahrenheit 40-43 degrees Celsius.

Portland Record Breaking Heat 8-2-17

That might not seem like much to someone in the sunbaked desert of Arizona or Texas, but it is extremely high for the green forested Oregon where we have higher humidly, and are generally less prepared for this and little air conditioning. Our normal highs are 70’s and 80s not above 100. I can tell you from having spent a lot of time in hot regions around the world, to me personally 100 degrees in Oregon feels hotter than 115 in Utah or Arizona - but not Boston or Miami at 100.  If it gets too hot in the house, I will consider working from a cold tub filled with ice.

One of the big concerns here is all the forest and the increased risk of fires. This morning the commute traffic was stopped due to a grass fire between my house in the SE Portland region heading to the Lake Oswego Autodesk office so I stayed home.

As luck would have it, we also have our summer company picnic outside this Friday. I am bringing water guns to cool people off on the expected 95 degrees temperatures that day. Being we are in Oregon, the land of amazing wine, and beer we will have plenty of good cold refreshment served up by one of my Oregon favorites Deschutes Brewing.

Trying to stay cool.