35 Years of AutoCAD Celebration Goes Way Up

An AutoCAD Team member, Hill Fang has summited with his 35 years of AutoCAD flag. Hill Fang summited Muztagh-Ata, 7,546m / 24,757ft, on July 3rd,2017 with an “I Love AutoCAD” 35 Year anniversary flag.


Hill started using AutoCAD back in AutoCAD 2.x in the 80’s.

This is not the first time Hill has taken AutoCAD flags to summits of mountains.
Keep Calm & Love AutoCAD on China’s, Mt. Banji, at 5,430m Hill Fang on right.
Keep Calm & Love AutoCAD

Climbing 24,757 feet is no small feat, neither is 35 years of AutoCAD.

Congratulations Hill Fang!