Academy Award for Mechanical Running Horse Design

Datum3 Horse_MECH ProfileThe 89th Oscars are under a week away on February 26th, and we know a recipient of a Academy of Motion Pictures Arts Technical Award  and it is not one of our traditional film tools like Autodesk Maya involved in this specific one. This Technical Award was for a design created using Autodesk Inventor for a mechanical running horse by longtime Inventor power user Scott Oshita of Datum3. The design is purely mechanical, elegant, and seen more big screen appearances than many Hollywood actors. The design was made into a physical prop. Perhaps you seen it recently in the HBO series Westworld.

Here are some images showing the design in Autodesk Inventor:
 Project Running Horse

Datum3 Horse_ISO Overlay

Movies and television where the running horse model appeared:

Even more amazing is the project was accomplished in only 7 days!

Scott’s notes on the 7 day design and build project:
”Seven days for any deliverable is just silly.  Keeping a cool head & removing the panic from the situation is crucial for any project. 
Breaking down the objectives, defining how to achieve these objectives, then executing with a firm commitment. 
Milestone 1 was at the end of day 3 with a full assembly of the horse & functions in Inventor. 
Milestone 2 was on day 7 seeing the exact same image & motion with the completed horse.

25 yrs. utilizing CAD in my designs, i still get  thrill holding up a part/mechanism to my screen and seeing their exact likeness.”

Award Announcement

Congratulations Scott!


Look at the mechanical horse in action for the movies:

Jeff Bridges in True Grit.
TrueGrit Jeff

The mechanical running horse on a blue screen stage set.
Shaq Horse 1

It is always inspiring to see what our amazing customers create using our tools.