Another Snow Day in Portland

Portland 1/11/17

We typically do not get snow or big snowstorms here in Portland, but this year…SnowMG. This is the third big storm. I spent 4.5 hours on the freeway in a traffic jam due to an accident that then turned into snowed in vehicles becoming stuck in a parking lot from hell. We closed the Autodesk office today out of concern for the safety of our employees and also due to the weather and closed roads. At home the electricity and Internet are hit and missed with trees coming down from the weight of the snow. So if you don’t get ahold of a Portland Autodesker by email or phone know that they just might not be able to and may be digging their way out of this snow.

So I am working when I can, but also taking advantage of a quiet day of beautiful snow to fly my drone from my patio to the park and back capturing nice photo and videos of the weather.

Portland Winter Wonderland