AU 5K and Fun Run

AU5K 2017

If you are attending Autodesk University next week, you should plan to join us Tuesday morning for some fresh air fun. You so not need to sign up, just show up ready to have some fun and make new friends while seeing the Las Vegas strip before it wakes up and there is usually a uniquely beautiful sunrise along the route. The Autodesk University annual AU5K is an official AU event being held Tuesday the 13th of November at 6 am, but please show up by at least 5:45 for a group photo. This fun morning run has been going on unofficially for a few years and then last year and this year as an official Autodesk University event. It was started by me about 6 years ago as a way to get fresh air, exercise, meet people, and have an excuse to go to bed at a reasonable time instead of staying out late. It has grown from the initial 9 people running down to the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. It has grown in popularity because how much fun it is and the opportunity to meet others.
Autodesk University AU5K Run

This is not a serious competition run, but an opportunity for people of all levels walk to run and to get some fresh air outside the resort, see the sunrise, meet awesome people, and get some exercise.  Last year we had well over 150 participants and people there, but this year we are expecting hundreds as there is a sign up on the main AU page for attendees. There will be two courses one 2.8k and one 5k. The event will have AU staff managing the route with signs. Last year they even had coffee and breakfast out there so you could both run and make sure you didn't go hungry before your first AU session of the day. You can dress up in something fun including fun socks and shirts.

This year in addition to many Autodesk employees from around the world we have a special guest, Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost who said he will participate as long as he can still get to his big general session stage where over 10,000 people are counting on him.

Tuesday, Nov 13, 6:00 AM - 07:15 AM

231817 - AU 5K and Fun Run

“Grab your running shoes and join us on the Vegas Strip for this annual AU tradition started by avid runner and Autodesk expert Shaan Hurley. What better way to jump start your morning and your endorphins while connecting with fellow attendees—all before your AU day begins. Runners of all fitness levels are welcome.”


Join us running, walking or just rooting on the people, please show up at the big Venetian fountain around 5:45am. Spread the word to everyone attending or thinking of attending.

I can’t wait to see you at AU!