AU5K Shirts

We may have tee-shirts for participants in the now official Autodesk University  morning run/walks better known as the AU5K. I'm looking for great ideas on a shirt design that is witty and funny. The shirt should be worthy of being proudly worn at AU and maybe during the morning runs and when you return to your office to show off. I know we have very funny and creative readers, and perhaps you uncreative ones know a person you can hit up for a fun creative design entry.

AU5K Shirt example

Some of my ideas:

  • We Run Autodesk University
  • Run, Learn, Network, Eat, Repeat
  • Graphic of a gold medal on a ribbon saying “Winner of AU5K”. Last year I personally produced AU badge ribbons for all participants that said “AU5K Winner” on each one.

Help create a epic design worthy of our first year as an official Autodesk University event after informally running the past couple years! Last year we had over 50 morning runners and walkers.

Email me your entries. 
Maybe I can arrange something really special at AU for the person that submits the text/graphics we use in the shirts.

See you at AU!