AutoCAD 2018.0.2 Update

Behind the AutoCAD 2018.0.2 Update

Autodesk is always working to improve and to respond to feedback in an effort to constantly improve the products. Even thought AutoCAD 2018 was just released there is already an update available.

“We invest heavily in quality control at Autodesk, but when issues arise, product updates and fixes ensure the continued success of our customers. Transparency is important to us, which is why we want to share that we provided an update (AutoCAD 2018.0.1) very shortly after the AutoCAD 2018 launch to fix a bug in the product. We discovered a mistake we made with this update, quickly removed it to resolve the issue, and then provided a subsequent update (AutoCAD 2018.0.2) to resolve the root problem ASAP. More information is available via AutoCAD forums.”

Behind the AutoCAD 2018.0.2 Update  on AutoCAD Blog.