AutoCAD Automation Beta on the Forge Platform

Access many of the AutoCAD objects in an API on the Forge platform as a Design Automation Beta. Automate repetitive and time intensive tasks and save time.
AutoCAD Automation Beta on the Forge Platform

Design Automation API (Beta)v3 

“Imagine you have thousands of DWG files stored in the cloud, and you need them all converted to PDF files. Ordinarily, you would have to download all the files, run a script on them in the AutoCAD desktop software, and then potentially upload them all back to the cloud. Your efficiency would be bottlenecked by the processing power of your computer and your network bandwidth, and you would have to instrument logging and retry logic in your code to ensure that the entire job completed.

Using Design Automation API for AutoCAD, you can offload all that processing to the Forge Platform, which can process those scripts at a much greater scale and efficiency. Current functionalities for DWG files include:

  • creating new DWG files
  • querying for information in existing DWG files
  • purging drawings and saving them to other DWF file formats
  • plotting DWG files to DWF and PDF
  • translating text from one language to another”