Autodesk 35th Next Monday – Wear Your Oldest Autodesk Shirt

Happy 35th Birthday Autodesk

So next Monday Autodesk officially turns 35 years old. I am not sure if that requires a cake, beer, pizza, or just a thoughtful acknowledgement of all the years and amazing customers that made this possible. I think 35 years in tech and the design industry is a big milestone as there are not many in than club, not even Adobe is 35 yet. I hope some Autodesk offices and colleagues will stop next Monday and reflect on what an accomplishment this really is as Autodesk heads into middle age. I am challenging all Autodeskers and customers to wear their oldest Autodesk shirt o memorabilia on Monday January 30th and email me photos.

It is amazing that many of our employees and customers weren't even born when Autodesk was founded.

AutoCAD turns 35 this December!
AutoCAD 1.0 December 1982 Release 1 with customer shipments the following month with AutoCAD 1.1.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest near Portland, I will buy a refreshment to celebrate and mark the occasion as we look forward to the next 35 years.