Autodesk University 2018 Day 0 - The Arrival in Photos

On Sunday November 11th, I flew to Vegas and got ready for Monday Day 1 with the  Forge DevCon, Connect & Construct Summit, Computational BIM Workshops, Leadership Forum, and others occurring essentially Autodesk University is a 4 day event Monday through Thursday. Here are some of my memories in photos from Sunday and more days to be posted tomorrow. Some people got in earlier to setup AU and some even more energetic attendees ran in the Rock & Roll Marathon down the main strip.

Th flight from Portland Oregon to Las Vegas. It was an Autodesk nerd bird with several employees on the flight.

One of our pilots…

Checking out the Sands Expo area.

Walked out to the EXPO Hall to see the space being setup.

Checked out Hall C where the big keynotes were to be held. They were setting up the big screens at this point.

The long hotel halls…

Since it was going to be a big week, I went back to my room and got ready with cameras charged and some sleep since there is little sleep during the event.