Autodesk University 2018 Day 1 – The Day in Photos

AU 2018 Day 1  November 12th, 2018

Always a bit of a trip to see the entrance to the Venetian. My mind immediately thinks of the old Q*bert video game.

DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0039.JPG  =  A square video game screenshot that is a digital representation of a multicolored pyramid of cubes in front of a black background. An orange spherical character, a red ball, and a purple coiled snake are on the cubes. Multicolored discs are adjacent to the left and right sides of the pyramid. Above the pyramid are statistics related to gameplay. 

The morning started extra early with a run of the route for the AU5K down the strip the day prior to the event. I wanted to make sure there were no surprises along the 3.2 mile route.


I then went to the rehearsals for General Session and Keynotes.

The Hall C was filled with several thousand chairs and a small team working out the last minute details and rehearsals.


Rehearsals for the Keynotes coming on Day 2

On stage the robot with the camera in silhouette was really cool as it showed the physical sculpture of the 3dsmax splash image that was made in physical form. A robot held a camera guiding it slowly providing the audience in the General Session a close up view of these physical objects on the stage.


About the sculpture:

It may not seem like it, but you’re looking at a runner leaping off the starting line. The bottom half of the sculpture is a fluid snapshot of the runner’s legs pushing forward. Above it, the dramatic swooping movements of the runner’s arms cut through the air. The design is based on a video of a real runner. Through frame-by-frame analysis, the outline of each limb was captured in Autodesk® 3ds Max®  software and then joined into this seemingly abstract shape. The strands of blue running the length of the piece represent select points on the runner’s body, stretching forward through both space and time.

Creating the digital 3ds Max model was only the beginning of our process. To complement its smooth, fluid look, the sculpture was 3D printed using a high-resolution, two-color process and later polished smooth.

The sculpture, like the software it represents, is a testament to the power of combining data and motion to create insight and communicate ideas.

I got a peek at the Lunar Lander prototype. It look like it might be ready to feed so I didn't stick around too long in the dark with it. It was an amazing example of design and manufacture combining generative design and then additive and and subtractive manufacturing methods.

There were free tours of Autodesk University this year led by volunteer employees. Hi Shelby!


Went and had a peek ion the EXPO Hall a day before it opens. Lots of great booths and exhibits later in the week.

You get used to seeing escalators at AU with events and classes on multiple levels.


I attended the Forge DevCon event. It was really packed with partners and customers this year. I'm pretty sure it will need more space next year.
Watch the Forge DevCon Keynote 2018

Met the two amazing people from Steel Owl that designed the Escape Room. I spent many hours working with them about Autodesk History and then to see it all in real-life was amazing. Sadly I never got to actually play it and it would have been unfair as I knew all the answers and door codes.


Shaun Bryant of LinkedIn Learning and so much more. I just had to capture my British friend with a monkey and the American flag above him in a lounge.


One of the best sights after a long day was the bed.

More on the super busing Day 2 tomorrow. I might have captured a photo of you at AU.