BunnyBots 2018

Bunnybots 2017

If you are in Portland Oregon tomorrow Saturday December 22nd, and have kids or like robots or both, then there is a perfect inspiring event happening and free. The BunnyBot is a bunch of FIRST FRC Teams competing in a pre season events involving stuffed cute bunnies. Its action packed and a competition where the robot design, build, and programming is all by the high school students. The game also takes cooperation and strategy as well as being gracious professionals. Come join us and bring other local young ones boys and girls to be inspired in STEM and dazzled by smart teams and big robots!


Location: Catlin Gabel School Gymnasium
Address: 8825 SW Barnes Rd. Portland, OR, 97225
Weather permitting the schedule is as follows:

Saturday 12/22/2018
8:30am-9:30am: Field open for practice
9:30am: Driver's meeting
10:00am: Competition begins
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Competition resumes
3:00pm: Alliance selection (each alliance has FOUR teams, three play at a time, no timeouts)
3:20pm-4:55pm (ish):  Semifinals and finals
5:00pm (ish): Awards