A Car is Headed for Mars


Yesterday February 6th, 2018 was an amazing time in our world for science, engineering, and for all kids like that dream big and nothing seen impossible as a guy named Elon Musk is parking his Tesla convertible automobile in orbit around Mars or on the ultimate road trip to deep space. The car even has the phrase “Don't Panic” on the dash as a nod to Douglas Adams and his Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe.

Let that sink in for a minute, a car was launched on a rocket named Falcon Heavy launch yesterday heading to deep space and Mars complete with a view of a crash dummy wearing a helmet and playing David Bowie’s sound “Life on Mars”. While it may seem in the initial reaction of an ego thing to do it is more than that and sometimes you do things that seem crazy or whimsical to prove a point that all the other no-crazy sounding ideas are possible.

The two rocket boosters came back and landed at Cape Canaveral while the car is heading on a very long road trip if the radiation doesn't consume the vehicle in the next year.

Congratulations to Elon Musk and his amazing SpaceX Team on the extraordinary engineering! I haven't yet heard if the Florida State Police have sent a speeding ticket to Elon for doing 300 miles per hour.

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