Come Work with Us in the PIE Shop

It is so fitting to post this on Pi Day (3.14), but this is about a collaboration with PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) and Autodesk. There will be a collaboration in creating an advanced manufacturing and prototyping incubator in beautiful downtown Portland Oregon.

Learn about the PIE Shop and Apply

“PIE and Uncorked Studios are seeking Internet of Things and connected device startups to join us for our inaugural PIE Shop, a manufacturing focused startup accelerator.

Selected startups will join us in Portland, Oregon, to work with Autodesk, PIE, Uncorked Studios and other PIE alums, and the world-class PIE mentor network. We'll provide you with advice, connections, office space, and other benefits. For this initial version of PIE Shop, there will neither be capital allocated to startups nor equity taken for participation.”

PIE Shop, a collaboration among Autodesk, PIE, and Uncorked Studios, creating an advanced manufacturing and prototyping incubator to support the next generation of product companies in Portland, Oregon. The program will pair design, business strategy, manufacturing, and product development expertise with product experts at Autodesk and be a resource for local entrepreneurs.

To qualify for selection, startups must go through a formal application process.”