Create Flowcharts using Autodesk’s Praxis

Autodesk PRAXIS 2.0

Praxis is a great (and free) way to document and diagram a workflow and then share the interactive workflow on the cloud. Autodesk Knowledge Network the team responsible for Autodesk Screencast and more, has developed and released this free preview technology. The goal is to collect your feedback to improve and decide the future of Praxis.


“Do you need an easy way to draw workflow diagrams and share them with colleagues and customers?

We can help. We designed PRAXIS, now in prerelease, for the sole purpose of capturing your workflows. We're excited about helping you diagram what you do.

PRAXIS is easy to use. It's cloud-based. There's nothing to download.

Test-drive it, and let us know what you think.”

Autodesk PRAXIS 2.0 is available! Click Here

You can also share these workflows embedded on the cloud/web.