On This Day January 30, 1982

In Marin County California, a small group of people got together January 30, 1982 and formed Autodesk. As founder John Walker stated “the game has changed.”

36 years later Autodesk is a rare technology company that is still around, innovating, evolving, and helping our customers imagine, design, and create a better world.

Autodesk Flying Founders

Autodesk Flying Founders

From left to right:
Rudolf Künzli, Mike Ford, Dan Drake, Mauri Laitinen, Greg Lutz, David Kalish, Lars Moureau, Richard Handyside,Kern Sibbald, Hal Royaltey, Duff Kurland, John Walker, Keith Marcelius

”Autodesk Founders. They didn't walk on water, but they could fly pretty well.”

Other big Autodesk dates:
Autodesk incorporates on April 26,1982
AutoCAD is shown at COMDEX November 24th, 1982