I have been with Autodesk over 21 years, and two of my 3 children have grown up only knowing only Autodesk. Autodesk was founded back in 1982 and for most of that time we have had offices that allowed dogs in the employee office with some rules to assure safety and good behavior. My daughter when she was really young used to tell people that her daddy worked for “doggydesk”. It was always cute when she said it.

This is a photo of my daughter back when she called Autodesk “doggydesk”. Please do not tell her I posted this photo as she will punish me. She is now an amazing smart 17 year old and still cute. She loves all animals including both cats and dogs and still wants to be a vet when she gets into college. She recently lost one of her favorite furry friends that we had for almost 12 years, Rio, What an amazing and good furbuddy he was and I wrote about him when we got him as a pup back in 2007. Got a New Puppy, Rio

Katie RioKatie and Rio

Here are photos of the current furry doggydeskers in the Autodesk Portland office.

A former employees cute pup who had a medical condition and had wheels to be mobile.


Having dogs in the office is so amazing for both those that have a dog and those that don't. We all enjoy it and it goes back to the founding of Autodesk and a nice piece of our culture. We are so thankful some offices have been able to continue allowing our furry doggydesk residents join us at work.

If you like/love dogs, you will enjoy this. And if you don't smile or laugh – seek help immediately.
The unbridled joy of dogs catching treats
Photos of dogs catching treats