FIRST FRC PNW District Clackamas Academy Event 2019


FIRST Robotics FRC Team 1540 the Flaming Chickens placed 1st ranking again this weekend in Oregon City, but lost out in the quarter final alliance competition match. They are heading to the Pacific Northwest FIRST District Championship in Tacoma Washington April 3-6 and then hopefully onto the FIRST FRC World Finals in Houston Texas. I am so inspired and impressed by team 1540 and their design created using Autodesk’s own Portland non-GMO, organic, free range mechanical design software Autodesk Fusion 360. It is so awesome to see so many teams using Autodesk’s products to design their competition robots. 

Team 1540 Flaming Chickens 2019 Robot named Phineas in action at Corvallis.
Team 1540 Flaming Chickens 2019 Robot Phineas

Team 1540 robot Phineas revel video:

Time lapse showing the packed Oregon City event:

If you get a chance to attend a local FIRST event or volunteer as a mentor like I have, you should as it will change you.