Details of FIRST STEAMWORKS 2017 Robotics Game Revealed And they were off as of just over a week ago on January 7th reading the game rules, discussing strategies, and then talking about design of their robot to best compete this year.

This is my second year participating with Team 1540 Flaming Chickens. Last year among the thousands of teams they made it to the World Finals. Team 1540 already has their design all designed in one week and sourcing parts as well as the software programmers on their team starting development to be able to control the robot and have it operate autonomously for the first 15 seconds of the match. In some respects it is more compete, faster, and more collaborative than almost any adult engineering or design firm. I can’t wait to show you their reveal video when they are ready and also share highlights of events in the Pacific Northwest region this year with my teams first competition March 9-11 at Wilsonville High School and hope to see you there.

Autodesk makes available all of its software free to students and the competition field and elements in both Autodesk Inventor and STEP format. Get Autodesk software and the files!

It is going to be a great competition with an interesting and challenging game this year including team members on the field.

STEAMWORKS Game Revealed

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There are many age levels for kids to participate from LEGO Robotics to the First Robotics Challenge and each one is such an amazing experience for not only the kids, but the adults from the teachers, mentors, parents, and volunteers.

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