Free Software and Fusion 360 Training for FIRST FRC Teams

Free Fusion 360 Training for FIRST FRC Teams

We are just a week away from the big 2019 FIRST FRC Destination Deep Space competition reveal and thousands of teams start to formulate their game strategy and begin design their robots for 6 weeks then the competitions begin between teams in regions with some heading for the world finals. Many winning teams see CAD as key to their strategy and design allowing them to better design and simulate as well as generate their Gcode for CAM cutting of parts.
We give our Autodesk software to all students and teachers worldwide to help the next generation of humans able to Make Anything. 

After completing this course series, you'll be able to:

  • Connect teams and advisors to a single source for the robot design.
  • Look at techniques for modifying purchased, standard components.
  • Connect the components to allow movement and review of mechanisms.
  • Analyze the strength of components in the design.
  • Create drawings, renderings, and animations of the robot to help with promotion and assembly.
  • Export the robot to test its programming and practice competition maneuvers.

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It is so good to see the team Flaming Chickens Team 1540 of Catlin Gabel in the course videos!
I have been a volunteer mentor with this Portland team.

Team 1540 Flaming Chickens of Catlin Gabel

If you design your competition robot using CAD like Inventor, Fusion 360, or even SolidWorks, you can export your design model into the free Synthesis and simulate your robot design on the actual FRC competition field in digital form and get your robot drivers practicing on the robot controls before it is built physically providing an advantage with field knowledge and strategy.

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All of the Autodesk software is free too at