Generative Design Field Lab in Chicago – Come Visit

Generative design is here to stay, so we made a place for it: Introducing our new Generative Design Field Lab in Chicago.
Generative Design Field Lab in Chicago

“Every new technology comes with a learning curve, but we don’t want that to keep our customers from exploring what’s possible with our tools. We believe every manufacturer should be able to consider new and better ways to make things, and that’s why we’re opening a new public workshop space—Autodesk’s Generative Design Field Lab—in Chicago to show our customers what generative design is, how they can use it and how it’s going to change the future of manufacturing.” 

“One of the first customers to visit the space was SRAM, a high-end bike components manufacturer based in Chicago. It’s a company known for its quality and performance engineering, but they’re still on the hunt for innovation. “If I think about the tools that I’ve used in my 18 years as a designer director at SRAM, not much has changed”, said Dhiraj Madura, Global Industrial Design Director at SRAM. “My team still uses the same CAD packages to create our 3D models, then we print them out and we test them. That whole cycle has not changed at all, and it’s not gotten us any better at manufacturing our products.” “